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Kelly Bell is in the Garden!

“Mom! Kelly Bell is in the garden!”

Those were the words I woke up to this morning. My eldest was practically in tears as she frantically told me.

Every day is an adventure here. There is always something…

Nothing gets the blood flowing like a goat in the garden.

Daddy was in the other room with our 2 year old. He had woken up sad in the middle of the night and daddy had fallen asleep in his room after going in to comfort him. He overheard our daughters proclamation and was out of bed even more quickly than I was.

We ran out to find 5 goats in our garden, at that moment they were towards the compost pile which made us less anxious. We saw that they had gotten through the side fence. One of those smarty pants goats must have figured out how to open it.

The fun of getting them back into the field began. Our daughter got some oats and managed to bribe Buttercup to go back to the field. Moe and Magpie shortly followed after. Kelly bell wasn’t too resistant either. Then there was Goldie. In a mixture of fear and desire to be with the rest of her crew she, couldn’t seem to make sense of where to go or how to get there while avoiding us. Our gentle guiding led her into circles until we finally settled to guide her into another gate. Aaron caught her leash and off she went into the pen.


Double rainbow in the garden.

Now to assess the damage. At first we thought it was just a few bean plants. Sad, but hopeful. Then we noticed the corn, the pumpkin, and the cherry tree. Tomatoes are safe, onions are only slightly touched. *Sigh* Daddy is angry, I am sad.

A garden is a lot of work. Live and learn.

We secured the gate with ropes. We’re going to get some clips to keep them locked.

On to the next adventure.



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